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Project introduction


EXPO BAY- International Product & Industry Service Center The project is a joint venture cooperation between the Shanghai EXPO Group and Australia Aucell Investments Pty Ltd., which was originally located in the Shanghai EXPO Park and granted by Shanghai Municipal Government.
The Aim
To establish a bridge for the exchange of international products and industries.
To make a professional, leading and influential platform in exhibition & trading of international merchandise and service.
To make an everlasting EXPO.
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The project is settled in Zhangjiang in its physical business exhibition center located in phase 2 of Zhangjiang Guochuang Center as our initial base. We are focusing on the introduction of Aussie products & industries as well as providing the related supporting services in the long term for our cooperative business entities. (Combining the advantages of Zhangjiang, especially focusing on the introduction of biological and pharmaceutical industries,technologies and patents, etc.)

The project is created to promote the international trading of commodities and service.

By full using of the polity of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, by taking the superior resources of Shanghai EXPO in location, exhibition, logistics and storage, and by sharing the successful experience of Shanghai EXPO in building the "Supervision and Service Center"together with the custom office and the Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau, we are promoting the integrated business mode of "O2O+B2B"with online/offline exhibition and trading.

Establish the platform and data system for import of commodities and service and for the relevant supporting service

Aiming to introduce the new profit model in the rapid changing environment.

Encouraged by the government, First try, First pilot, the experience of EXPO BAY will be taken as a reference to carry forward the "Trade Facilitation"policy of Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

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The online product exhibition platform is focused on the commodities. It provides below service to the overseas suppliers and their representatives in China:
  • Embellishment of product pictures
  • Interpretation of product information
  • Display of online product show
  • Matching the request of suppliers and buyers
The online Industry exhibition platform is focused on the enterprises. It provides below service to the overseas nontrade suppliers:

Enterprise Show

Online exhibition of nontrade products

Matching the request of suppliers and buyers

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Visual impact effect Base on the method Display stand & Display case and by connecting the mobile internet, the exhibition center will show the products in a deep visual impact effect. Which will enable the visitors to be immersed in touching & experiencing of the products.
In efficiency, accuracy and speediness, we are supporting the dealers to catch the business opportunities and to promote the exchange & interaction within the industry.

Non-scheduled introduction & purchasing meeting

Non-scheduled directed supplier-buyer meeting and forum

Consulting of business development and trade flow

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Authorization documents [download]
Flow Path of Industries Show
Company/products exhibition center Service List
Station stand Service List
Station stand
  • Enterprise Presentation Wall
  • Online video access / multimedia advertising
  • Enterprise image presentation
  • Publicity on WeChat public number
Flow Path of Commodities Exhibition, Promotion and Deal Made
  • Regional View · EXPO/PUDONG
  • Construction Plan

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